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About Pam Bleakney, the Artist!

In 1998, I retired from my Team Leader position with 902nd MI at Fort Meade, MD to focus on my family and my artwork.  Over the years, Ive painted in all mediums and like many artists Id paint for a while, then stop, but my creative passions were always with me.

As George Eliot said and my Mother often quoted: It is never too late to be the person you always wanted to be. With these words in mind, I went back to college to study art. 


Artist Statement:

 There are two types of art; one people may buy, the second, not necessarily mainstream or popular, you as an artist are driven to complete.  The second is how I describe my pen and ink series started in 2002. Pen and ink is my first love.  Each drawing is tied together by the use of borders and the fact I am in each piece. 

Pen and Ink Drawing, "Follow Your Dreams"

y process starts with my imagination, challenging myself to fill the picture plane.  I draw thumbnails, complete a 22 x 30 drawing, transfer it to Bristol board and start inking.  It is time consuming, but I am pleased when I see people enjoying my artwork. 

For my Frida Kahlo series of watercolors, I use an "Old Masters Palette" of Paynes Grey, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna.  Mywebsite for this series is:  www.fridaandme.com.  My process for watercolor is similar to my pen and inks.


I live in Sun City West, AZ.  Im a juried member of the Arizona Artists Guild, Arizona Watercolor Association and the Vanguard Artists.  I teach locally at PORA and Lakeview Art Club in Sun City, AZ. I have paintings in permanent collections at Boswell Hospital, Del Webb Hospital and the City of Glendale, AZ.
A watercolor from my Frida Kahlo series



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All artwork Copyright 2006 by Pamela Bleakney