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"CATS LOVE PURPLE SHOES, TOO! -- Click the Book to Read an Excert From Pam's New Book"



Welcome to Pam's Sassy, Classy Cats and other Serious Art!  Pam loves cats and enjoys painting cats as she sees them. . . sometimes Sassy, sometimes Classy and definitely Fun! 

Pam also loves most other creatures on this planet and enjoys painting them as well.  Pam does have a serious side to her artistry which you will also enjoy.  Pam has added a new Frida series to her serious art collection.  Click HERE to go directly to her new Frida series link.

You can purchase your own Sassy, Classy Cats or other Serious Art! Pam offers several sizes of note cards and 8 1/2 x 11 unframed prints.   Come on in and enjoy Pam's artistry and fun! 



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